5 Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping And Alterations

Finding your wedding dress is an experience that a lot of brides dream about, but it doesn’t always go the way they see it on Say Yes to the Dress. Preparing for shopping can help you to have a positive experience finding your dream dress. Read these tips, gather a few people you really trust, and make a few appointments to try on gowns!

1. Research what you like, but be open minded at your appointments

It is great to know what you want, but be open to trying something unexpected your consultant pulls for you. Who knows? You might fall in love!

2. Decide on your budget, and stick to it. Don’t forget to budget for alterations.

Be up front about your budget to your consultants. Trying on dresses that are out of your budget is never a good idea. Factor alterations into your budget – alterations costs anywhere from $150-700, on average.

3. Shop early! Gowns typically take 6-8 months to be produced, and 2-3 months for alterations.

Account for production and alteration timelines when you are planning and shopping. If you are on a time constraint, shop for off-the-rack dresses. 

4. Decide what alterations you want and need.

There are countless alterations you might want and need for your gown: hemming, fitting, adding a bustle, adding sleeves, adding additional beading/appliqué etc.

5. Account for 2-3 fitting appointments. Schedule your final fitting 1-2 weeks before your wedding.

The first 1-2 fittings will be for major fitting and hemming, as well as the addition of any details you want. The final fitting is to make sure that your dress fits you like a glove for your big day!

Shopping for a bridal gown is different for every person, so remember to be patient and don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately find what you want. We promise, the perfect gown is out there! 

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